Monday, July 25, 2005

happiness is...

asking for a size 27 or 28, crossing my fingers i dont have to ask for a bigger size after trying, being told i'd need a 26, and actually fitting in!:-)

saturday was a super tiring day, spent the day at mummy's english centre, keeping her company, reading my harry potter book, and attempting my biomedical project (which till now makes no sense, though i've deciphered the topic!). some of the students are plain pesky and some of the older ones are even b**chy! had to cancel on lionel (so sorry, darling!) and was supposed to meet hong weng also (promise to meet u soon... really...)

then today! :-) went for 10.30 mass, then headed for klcc! MEGASALE! MEGASALE! MEGASALE! along with chocolate, it's like a little piece of heaven.. eheh ok im exaggerating, im not THAT shallow. but Dan finished his altarserver's meeting early so we went to midvalley for lunch at Siam Kitchen then shopped till 4.30! i didnt even realise it was that late till i saw the car clock on our way home! :-) bought a new pair of boots! one pair of shorts! and another pair of shorts! and this amazing pink cross necklace and this superbly unique bracelet... feel so happy! shopping really does boost endorphin levels! :-)

havent swam since thursday. sigh...
i really wonder what i'd wish for had God posed the very question he asked of Solomon, to me... *grins evil-ly... megasale all year round with a bottomless bank account! :-) they shud sell cinema tickets at discounted prices too, since it IS the megasale... (starts singing "if like ol' King Solomon the Lord gave me the task, of asking what i want from him, for these three gifts i'll ask... i'll ask for Faith Hope and Charity... bla bla bla)

anyways, God bless my darling mummy and dearest daddy. God bless my darling sister and baby brother. God bless my Godma, Mi, Papa and the countless relatives i have... God bless all my friends from Melawati. God bless the Johannians i know. God bless my INTEC friends. God bless my RCSI friends and all the friends who are dear to me. God bless all my friends in friendster. God bless the government for my scholarship, the scholarship allowance and for implementing the Megasale! God bless my efforts to lose weight and be a good girl! God bless everyone who asked me to pray for them, for everyone who was nice to me, and esp those who weren't(hehehe being good here...). Most Sacred Heart of Jesus i place all my trust in You. Holy Spirit, give me strength... Muax, world!

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