Tuesday, October 10, 2006

bubblewrap them

1. 3rd week in college. i dont know why but i've been so fatigued the past two days. i'm too tired to do move or do anything and all i really wanna do is snuggle up in my bed. But i have lunch and dinner to think about so i drag myself out of bed to eat and to go to college, but at the end of the day, i'm beat! like now...

2. i've been to dublin one quite often the past few days, i like the extra exercise it affords me. but the summer erased the negativity i used to feel towards the pungency of irish cigarette smoke. it's realy really awful. one can't walk along henry or grafton street and expect a headful of hair that doesn't smell like smoke. they huff and puff away with absolutely no regard to how many years they're shaving off our lives, and how much closer they're placing us to the pain and torture of lung cancer! that's why i feel we should put a bubble helmet around these ppl. that way, we don't need to inhale the remnants and waste products of their unhealthy habit, they can keep the tobacco and tar smoke they so love (so it's actually saving money cause they'd be recycling the tar and nicotine which would be let loose to the environment that way. it's probably save them half the time for the journey to lung cancer of which they're so adamant on partaking, a journey that we shouldn't be forced to accompany them on! my apologies to smokers out there who do keep their habits from killing us, and just keep it to themselves, but i really do hate have to inhale the smoke the people walking in front of me puff out and the smell my hair retains after a walk out.
3. the haze is another thing, don't get me started!

4. i've found a new place, Grafton Hall. it's an amazingly beautiful place. will furnish my blog with pictures once i move in. i'm really excited!

and i apologise for how boring this post must be without photos. but i figured since i eagerly await updates on other people's blogs, i should update mine, though i doubt anyone out there is as fanatical about blogs as i am... :-)