Friday, April 11, 2008

my birthday, american idol, and INDIA!!

my birthday was last monday, and while i wanted a very very relaxed day of sleeping in, i shuddered at what was in store for me, cause the friday before that i had decided to fly to india to visit my darling sister. my passport had expired in Feb and i had not realised cause i guess i have no reason to fly overseas, or so i thought... :-)

the ppl at the Immigration Department were amazingly nice. my passport and ic did not match so i couldn't use the kiosk to renew my passport, cause of the discrepancy between 'sarah jane' and 'sarah-jane'. but even having to apply manually, it took me all of 3 hours to have my new passport in hand! hehe complete with a much much more glamorous photo, than the convict whose face i had on my former passport! so that cost me rm 300

next we shot off to the Indian Visa place. it was so so so so convenient to apply and after i filled in the form with two passport size photos, i had to wait two minutes before being attended to! since i applied before 1 pm, my visa was ready for collection the very next day at 4.30 pm! that cost RM 160 for a standard 6 mth visa.

the ticket was rm 1753. and within two days i was ready to jet off to india. gracie booked my internal flight from bangalore to mangalore for approximately rm 600, and that was the bulk of my expenses for the trip!
setting off this evening at around 6 pm for a 10 pm flight. and im so excited!

My 24th Birthday
on sunday night, the night before my birthday, my Mummy treated us all to an elaborate dinner at this place we label Coconut Tree. it's been quite long since we've been there, but the food's gotten better! we ate shark's fin soup, a fish, one type of soup, spare ribs, spring onion pork, mixed vege, and this amazing dish of steamed tofu. and for 6 ppl, it amounted to 120 bucks... oh i really really enjoyed myself.
later, we headed for alpha angle, where my mother got a small cake for me to cut later that night. hehe
June and my baby brother bought this amazing amazing pair of white sandals for me. dan and june, if ur reading this, i'm gonna put off wearing those gorgeous pair of sandals for a little while, but it's in no way an indication of my not liking it ok... au contraire, i absolutely love them!
my birthday proper, after the stint for my indian trip, i reached home in time for my 3 pm soap opera. that night my parents brought me out for some simple dinner. ppl who mean a lot of me remembered, and each message that came in, or call as in nal's case, meant so much to me, cause quite frankly i'm horrible at keeping in touch with friends... so thank you everyone who made my day so so special...

will be updating hopefully with photos from india. i actually have photos from my christmas holiday and from when gracie went to penang to visit me, but with the exams in feb and march, it's been kinda too far back in my mind. plus the menara kuda lari maxis broadband is so not trustworthy to upload photos. but i'll definitely post up indian photos!

have been following american idol pretty religiously... it's so exciting and i thrive on things to look forward to, like my daily soap opera, and weekly american idol. so far, Carly and the two davids are my favourites. i really dont like syesha and brooke and the guy who sang somewhere over the rainbow this week... hehe
ok toodles for now!