Friday, January 28, 2005

a trip down memory lane...

i feel sooooo happy.. i forgot what it feels like to actually bite the grit and sand and at the end of the race, feel that everything's worthwhile...
had my cardsigning today... we studied the abdomen with kidneys and liver, etc and i was worried coz there was just so much to learn and while ideally, i'd like to study Snell, i had to make do with Monkhouse this time due to time constraint... then i slept before midnight and woke up and studied till 6.30 then slept for about an hour and a half and went to class... got card-signed by Kevin Tan (ref: the chun prosector who looks like Jet Li and seemingly was the top student of his Beijing university, thus knowing a lot of things in detail) and i got my A! what's more satisfying is that i cud answer MOST of the questions he posed to everyone else, save for a few... i really had forgotten what it felt like to study my butt off and yield the fruits of what i've sown!
Thank you Jesus!

white symbol of purity...

on saturday, the 22nd of january, my beloved uncle Michael Alberto passed away... he had undergone a bypass a week before and had gone in for an operation to restitch part of his leg from which the artery was removed. then when the recovery was underway, uncle takes a turn for the worst. will always remember uncle mike for being a simply, always-smiling man... i remember how he once said that his sister's grandchildren are like his very own... and the promise i made to treat him when i pass out... i guess we can only take comfort in that Uncle is with Jesus and Mama and i hope they're beaming down... all i can do now is make them proud... Love u, Uncle Mike! Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him... may his soul rest in peace, Amen.

on wednesday the 26th, rcsi organised a memorial service for the souls and family and friends of the kind ppl who donated their bodies for research and education in the medical field, i.e. the very souls whose bodies now serve as our first patients and cadavers in the Anatomy Room. it was a multi-religion service in the Unitarian church... and all the readings took on more meaning and the songs sung moved everyone. i esp found one bagpipe-piano piece to be particularly melancholy and moving.. and when everyone chanted 'we remember them' for the litany, the glory of God's love and protecting hand around these souls was obvious. it was great to see medical students taking time away from studies and activities to indulge in something spiritual...

today, we tied and pinned white ribbons in an effort to raise funds for the tsunami victims.. we had a target of 50000 ribbons and after much effort, we pulled it off! ehhe after staring at so many white ribbons, white actually really appeals to me.. it's immaculate, majestic, royal... which reminds me, mass for doctors in the Catholic Church is called the White Mass.. cant wait to truly deserve to attend one...

Monday, January 24, 2005

Summary of the past 4 months...

one month after ei leen left, i myself set forth on this trodden path. i came to ireland, studied more stuff over the past four months than i've ever managed in the 5 years in secondary school! and i went on an italian holiday with my best friend. but most importantly, i've learnt priceless and valuable (why does it sound contradictory?) lessons of life which i might have skipped in my quest for knowledge the rest of my life before the past four months!
a). the duration of a friendship doesnt necessarily reflect its depth
b). it's vital to have a reason for being, and even more important for it to come from yourself and not other people
c). family sticks by you, and the blood-tie transcends distance and time
d). it isnt wise to put yourself out there completely and absolutely, it's 'safer' to keep some part of urself to yourself to fall back on
e). age is just a number
f). results are just a reflection of how well u acquire and apply concrete knowledge, not how well you pull through in life
g). sometimes the sun comes out and shines on u, and at other times, the night seems un-ending (and being nocturnal isnt fun)
h). people are tougher than they often give themselves credit for
i). the cold, hard reality is that it's better for one to suffer alone than to weigh everyone down too