Monday, January 24, 2005

Summary of the past 4 months...

one month after ei leen left, i myself set forth on this trodden path. i came to ireland, studied more stuff over the past four months than i've ever managed in the 5 years in secondary school! and i went on an italian holiday with my best friend. but most importantly, i've learnt priceless and valuable (why does it sound contradictory?) lessons of life which i might have skipped in my quest for knowledge the rest of my life before the past four months!
a). the duration of a friendship doesnt necessarily reflect its depth
b). it's vital to have a reason for being, and even more important for it to come from yourself and not other people
c). family sticks by you, and the blood-tie transcends distance and time
d). it isnt wise to put yourself out there completely and absolutely, it's 'safer' to keep some part of urself to yourself to fall back on
e). age is just a number
f). results are just a reflection of how well u acquire and apply concrete knowledge, not how well you pull through in life
g). sometimes the sun comes out and shines on u, and at other times, the night seems un-ending (and being nocturnal isnt fun)
h). people are tougher than they often give themselves credit for
i). the cold, hard reality is that it's better for one to suffer alone than to weigh everyone down too

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