Saturday, February 24, 2007

6 weird things

lorraine tagged me and since she's been so good at updating, i'll layan u ya girl? :-)
i hope the weird things come to me as i type.

Each player of this game starts off by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. After you do that, leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog.

1. i used to have the compulsion to translate anything and everything the ppl around me say to Malay when i was in Std 1.

2. i was kinda kicked out of kindergarten for talking too much

3. my sister and i were given the option of choosing between ballet and taekwondo, and she chose TKD, so thats how i ended up my awfully broad shoulders stocky built and lack of grace!

4. i like things in as close to its original nature e.g. vanilla ice cream, cadbury milk chocolate, one specific brand for each stuff. but surprisingly, not sushi

5. girls often picture weddings etc but i've never done so, and wouldn't know where to start if given the task! hey, i dont even have a fav flower!

6. i lose my explosive temper very easily, but it subsides VERY fast, and most of the time, i wont remember why i fought with ppl, or why, if they hurt me. gosh, my memory must be very very bad.

6 ppl i tag
1. my brother
2. henrietta albela
3. lionel tessenshon
4. sabrina salleh
5. cynthia lye
6. karen looi
(i think this promises to be very interesting...:-))

Monday, February 05, 2007


i was just abt to liken myself to Cinderella, but then there's no way i can compare to her beauty that caught the eye of the prince. and she has her happy ending too...

the landlady came to inspect our apartment yesterday and wow, i thought i had already slaved over the kitchen and the bathroom, cleaning to make it presentable. little did i know that she plans to collect damage compensation for any and everything thing that isn't in pristine condition, exactly the way we got it. and when we moved in, we had new everything! from a laser beam cooking top, to a whole new bathroom. and while i understand she wants to ensure her property's in tip top condition, but is it really reasonable to expect the oven and stove and bathroom to be per brand new? how can one live in a place and have everything restore in MINT condition? sigh...
so armed with a bleach spray, i went around my room wiping all surfaces, then i scrubbed. and scrubbed. and scrubbed.
the stove top (which is the latest technology so it's a flat top, like really FLAT and smooth), and the oven. :-) the stove's 98% clean, and im happy! :-) but the oven has me beat.
kinda felt like sandpapering our woodwork in ERT back in school days...

and Cinderella could sing and she really didnt seem to be putting any energy or elbow work into scrubbing la...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

stephen's green...

as u can see, first lay san and i went around stephen's green to take photos cause thats what we did when we first arrived. though the latter was with limy poileng and nal. :-) but we had fun. encountered characters who just cant take photos la. one lady had the camera held close to her face, so the display screen was facing us, with her eye magnified! but i did approach this good looking guy, who took a good photo of us! hehe even laysan agreed he was a 'good choice', not so much for his photography skills as himself. hehe in the end we were setting the timer and resorting to snapping photos for each other!
met up with thanesh at the dome. really appreciate his meeting up with us, esp since he was scheduled to fly off 3 hrs after that! gonna miss that guy.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

battle of emotions...

i wish i could blog more. thing is, either i blog about everything, and all the time, or only abt the odd interesting event, occasionally...

in less than two weeks, i'm headed back. for good. no more cosy little apartment, no more short sunday masses, no more tea at Dome, no more Moore street, no more Stephen's Green.
but i'm crazy excited to be headed home, the place i've missed for most of the past two months.
and frankly, im sooooooo exhausted to having to responsible over every little detail of my life. ever since my exam ended, i've had sleepless nights wondering about settling my apartment, getting my return ticket, closing bank accounts, getting my shopping done, packing and hoping i dont exceed the weight limit, and trying to squeeze re-experiencing everything i feel im going to miss here in dublin. i'm a huge worry-wort, i never knew it was this bad. money becomes so precious when i have to count and keep track of everything. it's at times like this that i wish i had a boyfriend who could and would handle everything for me! (this comment would probably be my downfall and would lead to my failure to ever avail of a boyfriend! hehe so next time i whine abt being single, refer me to this post k?

i had lunch with Sze-Ann and Cynthia today(really going to miss them both.they've really been indispensable support esp during exams. save for my mummy's voice, seniors who truly understand what im experiencing cause they've been thru it themselves, and in combo with prayers, is the perfect remedy for panic attacks!).
met up with Naren and Shanthiny before they left for their hols. Have only managed one outing with Kenneth. Supposed to meet up with PoiLeng, Thanesh, Lorraine,Sharon,Nabil&Tika, JunMay WanJean DarVin co when they get back from their hols too. there's so little time, and so many ppl im gonna regret not meeting up with if i dont.

i dreamt of school today. i rmbr counting my lucky stars every morning. seeing my friends in school used to motivate me to go to school, and it really made waking up so much easier! it amazed me how almost all the ppl who make up my entire universe could be found in one location. we were all contained in this small area. how easy things were. everyone was there. then during SPM. when the exams commenced, i used to pause in awe and amazement that at that exact moment, thousands of ppl my age all over malaysia were all sitting at desks, about to start the exact same exam! it made the battle less menacing knowing we were all united in that fight.

NOW, everyone's scattered everywhere, like there was an explosion and the wind blast blew everyone everywhere, some burrowed into the smallest and most isolated nooks and cranies in the world. it's like my heart has been torn to pieces and the pieces traced my ppl who have crossed paths with me in my life.
i so wanted to visit London one last time, see my best friend. cause the next time i return, i'd probably be an old hag, wishing i visited London in my prime so i can wear nice boots and take nice pictures by the famous landmarks. instead my wrinkly face would so spoil photos of London!

Gracie's grand ball's coming up. she's gonna wear an Irish import dress! courtesy of her sister who loves her so mch that she sacrificed her very very very nice dress and walked all the way to the post office to post it k... hehe
Ganesh texted and he's in Australia. i added Shen-Han's blog to my links (btw shen-han, it makes me feel sooooooo tiny to see my name amongst the Cambridge greats la... hehe )and Jarod secured a job at Maxis.(congrats, dear. really am proud of u)
going to spring clean my apartment now, the landlady's coming tmrw.
in relation to it, though probably not apparent, i really wanna read Law, that way even the mere existence of such a qualification would intimidate and deter ppl from conning me!