Sunday, February 04, 2007

stephen's green...

as u can see, first lay san and i went around stephen's green to take photos cause thats what we did when we first arrived. though the latter was with limy poileng and nal. :-) but we had fun. encountered characters who just cant take photos la. one lady had the camera held close to her face, so the display screen was facing us, with her eye magnified! but i did approach this good looking guy, who took a good photo of us! hehe even laysan agreed he was a 'good choice', not so much for his photography skills as himself. hehe in the end we were setting the timer and resorting to snapping photos for each other!
met up with thanesh at the dome. really appreciate his meeting up with us, esp since he was scheduled to fly off 3 hrs after that! gonna miss that guy.

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