Saturday, May 31, 2008

my favourite songs...

American Idol

i had so much fun following American Idol this year... David archuleta was my absolute favourite. he was so angelic and so humble... he looked so traumatised whenever the judges commented that it seemed like he was bowed and knelt down in prayer before each performance... how can one not find him adorable? :-)
but david cook was really really good... so as has been said many many times, it really truly didnt matter who won!

so my favourite songs:
in no particular order...

Bubbly by Colbie Cailat
Hello and BIllie Jean by David Cook
I am i said by Brooke White
Love Story by Katherine Mc Phee
Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis
Pocketful of SUnshine by Natasha Bedingfield (it was so cute when she asked to kiss my david!)
One Rock and Roll too many by Syesha Mercato
Our Song & Teardrops on my Guitar by Taylor Swift
Apologize by One Republic
and this really really nice though not so popular one.. i heard it on 'Cashmere Mafia' (i really liked this show, but sadly they cancelled it... )
All Eyes on Me by Le Toya (a former member of Destiny's Child)


class has started for a few weeks.. and here's the thing... i'm the kinda person that if i have a list of 10 chores to do, i'll rush around finishing it as fast as i can because i really really value my de-stress, relax, me-time... time-efficient for those with half full cups and lazy hehe for those who hate me.
but anyways, ever since my school days, i've discovered i really dont fancy standing around whiling away time doing nothing. so if i need to learn something at the hospital, i rather my time be filled to the brim, than stand around for the same amount of time.
as such, my classmates in school, college, even now, hardly see me around nearing exams, cause i optimise my time better studying at home.. and time and again it's served me well. but this new rotation requires us to collect signatures to show we've attended teachings in the morning, lectures, tutorials... everything. while it's pretty much like a normal day for my distinguished colleagues, it comes as a shock to me.
now i worry about preparing for my end of posting exams... i wonder how im gonna wriggle my way thru THIS obstacle...
i havent even been home for 3 weekends... and that's loooooooooong for me...

JPA results
it's been almost 6-7 years since i got my scholarship letter and i can still remember how hopeful i was prior to that, sometimes not even daring to hope. but back then, it wasnt as difficult as it is now. firstly there weren't so many straight A1 scorers, secondlythe previous year had somewhat set precedence that all we needed to do was settle our results, then it was a given. so much so that some of the ppl i eventually met felt that they deserved the scholarship, almost to the point that it was a right they earned. i really disagree with this. they moan and groan abt malay rights. but here's the way i think. it's a Constitutional right however long they have decided to extend it, for them to be given a boost. we can choose to either whine and grumble about it, or acknowledge that the journey to a change is long, winding and not really within our grasp to achieve in the near future. i am lucky to have scored well enough to be given a scholarship, so maybe thats why i dont feel as bitter. but to me, the government is kind enough to actually allocate some quota for us non-Malays, who if not for the Constitution, don't really belong here as citizens, birth rights aside. we have opportunities, albeit on a smaller scale. but this opportunity afforded to us, to succeed, albeit we need to wrestle our way to the top, is a blessing. and it will build our character for the real world next time...
but it saddens me nonetheless when i see ppl who secure straight A1s but it's such a novelty that even that isn't enough anymore... my heart goes out to these ppl, but i don't think the PSD is to be blamed... resources are scarce, demand is overwhelming...

Lack of resources
newspapers highlight how scarce our food supply is at the moment, and i think with the global warming that's been around for a few years, it's something that we've kinda known was just waiting to lift the knocker on our door. it's quite scary actually. but i have faith in the abilities of mankind. there are highly intelligent individuals amongst us and i think that's been proven by how we, as a race have overcome many many obstacles with many breakthrough ideas over the past centuries. i have faith we'll come through this too... "this too will pass..."

Final Med
my seniors are facing their impending final exams that will give them the final push into the working world as doctors. and im pretty anxious too... i keep asking them if it's difficult, just how difficult it is... because, this time next year, it'll be my turn!! will be praying for them... really cant imagine what it must feel like...

okie i better get running... my internet isnt the fastest in the world which makes uploading photos very much a nuisance... so i dont even bother taking photos... hopefully when i get back home for christmas this year, or on the 14th of july when im back for a week's holiday!