Tuesday, July 25, 2006

part 2 of my summer...

1/ saw a little of ireland before i left. amazing piece of land God laid out there. im awe-struck, i think everyone should see ireland before venturing further.

2/ reached home and went mamak for lorraine's farewell. the dear girl left for NZ, but she's one tough lady and i know you'll do very well there, girl. hugz and only my very best wishes go with you...

3/ Michael Scofield! only the hottest man alive. hehe i admittedly have the biggest celebrity crush since high school, probably bigger than any celebrity crush i've ever had, and definitely bigger than normal celebrity crushes ppl my 'young' age have!

4/ been pigging out (def: eating and then sleeping immediately without any form of exercise. hehe a sedentary lifestyle to put all other sedentarians to shame!) really isnt my fault, malaysia's truly a melting pot of cultures and glorious FOOD!

5/ my grandma's 6*th birthday. :-) typical Eurasian fare.

6/ MegaSale Carnival. i don't know how ppl can wanna shop anywhere else in the world with such an event! i bought 5 pairs of shoes in just one day! thing is, that's not all. grounding myself for a few more days, cause money can indeed run out! :-)

7/ results were supposed to be out yesterday, but they let us live and repent and pray another 7 days. hehe must be bad for them to feel we need to pray that much more!

so there. one month down.

stupid safari shut down, and i lost the post. sigh... oh well...
:-) after much much laziness and procrastination, and PMS-ing, i'm back! d last post was on the 25th of July. so what have i been up to...?

8/ well, results came out on the 31st of July. :-) i'm really really happy. but the whole world doesn't need to hear me gloat about how well i feel i've done. hehe so here's the full stop '.'

9/ Gracie went back to India. I miss you sister dear... i really do...

10/ i went to Penang a week after Gracie left, just as i did last year. Desmond flew Lorraine and i up to Penang. hehe he really did. Met his friend, KaiFong. as Kenneth would say "that's his story to tell". but her mom is the kindest most generous host i've ever encountered, and i've met some pretty generous ppl in 22 years of my life! hehe her mom could only converse in chinese and as we all know, i can't. haha but that didn't stop her from buying the famous piah for me to bring home to my parents. We were there from the 8th for 4 days and we put up with Frances. i've decided im going to learn 3 routes when i get to Penang. i'll depend on other ppl's directions if i need to get anywhere else, though i doubt that'll ever happen. hehe
a. home to PMC (well, that IS why im there after all...)
b. home to swatow lane (i ravaged my fav cendol this time around, though i hardly got enough. Esther brought us! and i dont intend to let the cendols run away from me next year! who cares about the extra calories, the walk from the car to the shop in the blazing sun should take care of it, i'm hoping... hehe
c. home to gurney plaza (self explanatory really...)
Frances let us sleep in while she went to class so we never woke up earlier than 11 every morning! hehe Frances and Ji were just so sweet and amazing. met up with some other seniors too. i was soooooo touched they all took time out of their super hectic, super busy final year schedule (4th year schedule for YiZhe) to come have dinner with us. Yakked one night away with Lorraine. all in all, i had a lot of fun. i think blogging about it won't really be doing justice to the trip, so i'll just store the memories in my heart. Ask me, and who knows, if you ask nicely enough, i might just unlock it and bombard you with jsut how fun it was! hehe or as most of you dont really wanna know anyways, i'll quit this nonsensical ranting. full stop '.' hehe

11/ im working on my driving. i really really am!

12/ Prisonbreak and One Tree Hill marathon. Michael Scofield is amazing. I've watched the entire first season and i must confess, that i don't know nuts about the storylines and i dont really give two hoots! hehe any girl watching Scofield up close and personal on her laptop would know exactly what i mean! hehe and i used to think OTH was overrated. Gracie got the first two seasons for me and now i'm hooked. Chad Michael Murray gets hotter and hotter in every episode. well, i'm on holiday, there's really nothing to focus on... not my fault la... hehe and did you know wentworth miller is a smart alec in real life too???

13/ sudoku. hehe i've learnt the trade.

14/ the Haze is back with a vengence, and i've once again succumbed to it... :'( it's a tragedy really, my face is deformed and i've dubbed myself "scarface"... it's made me sooooo miserable for the past few days... forewarning everyone to expect a much deformed, less confident sarah in the new term... spread the world, dears, i've succumbed to the plague and brace yourselves for the worst... hehe ok enough drama...

15/ haven't really taken out my camera. no one seems that eager to pose these days... oh well... it's a good thing with the scarface thing that's happened... hehe

16/ i've changed my flight. with all the hype and ordeal in Heathrow karen detailed in her blog, i just could not endure the anxiety and anticipation. hehe

17/ i've gotten hooked on Air Mata Kucing from the pasar malams. hehe i drank three at one go, just last thursday!

there. that's done. two months in 15 items. i had the most amazing day ever today. it deserves a post on its own. :-) love you all... thanks so much for asking me to blog... ehhe makes me feel so wanted. hehe though dont you think my posts aren't so monotonous if i accumulate stuff to blog about and jsut blog at one go, rather than blog abt mundane day-to-day stuff abt my life on individually wrapped mundane posts?