Monday, September 17, 2007

home is where the heart is

The expression has been circulating for ages, and it’s cropped up pretty frequently especially the countless times I’ve missed home when I was in Dublin…
One would think being in penang would, if not cure, at least half the longing to be home. After all I get to go back forthnightly, if not, every three weeks. That’s way better than making it home once a year.
But maybe it’s because I’ve completed my overseas stint that I bounded myself to when I signed away 17 years of my life (2 yrs A levels + 5 yrs med school + 10 years government service). Now that im in penang, I thought I’d be even closer to home. I used to cry every time I left home, at the airport, but one could explain it away and say airports are highly strung places, or they release tear gas or whatever, but now, there are certain times I still cry when leaving home.

Proof 1
Last June, my darling sister came back from India, and the whole family planned a weekend trip to Singapore as coincidentally my mother needed to be there for something. I ‘fasted’ from going home for 3 weeks I think, cause I needed to skip a Friday, to reach KL in time to make our drive to Singapore. I had so so much fun… I usually need to make trips home to recharge and not sink into depression here. At the end of the trip, my parents dropped me off at the airport and I flew to penang. So I never stepped foot at home. But being with my family was more than enough to recharge me, fill me with love, and save Penang ppl from the horrible mood swings of sarah-jane…

Proof 2
The earthquakes and their 30 odd aftershocks seem to be a mighty big manifestion, an explosive tip of the iceberg. The environmental changes are way more vast, could be as a result of the earthquake or just something that occurred concurrently… Either way, it’s poured for many days here in Penang. The traffic jams have been massive. The drive back from college that would normally take 2 mins took 20 mins on the past two Fridays I wished I was home.. so as a result, I was unable to make it back, it’s a super long story, I bought the tickets and all, but let’s just say I dowan to think about it now. Saturday morning I awoke no longer deprived of sleep, but still so depressed… my mother called me and asked how I was, I was on the verge of tears, and I did actually cry in frustration when my mom hung up.
Then I went to my car at 12 to head out to get some groceries cause I had finished all my food in the fridge, thinking I was headed home… then my mom called and asked what I’d say if they told me they were on their way to Penang… I doubt there was a single soul happier than me on earth at that moment. I became like a restless hamster, contained in my room, but oh so so excited. I planned our dinner that night, made the necessary bookings and researched hotels.
My parents arrived and whilst daddy took care of my car, mummy and I headed to sunway hotel to check in. it was a great hotel, we had club privileges and the magical journey didn’t end till the next day. We went to church, a nice dinner, and while there was a slight automobile mishap, we retired that night, tired but I was sooooooo elated. The hotel gave me two mattresses for my extra bed. Mummy and daddy had an oversized-as-advertised king size bed. Only the channels on the hotel tv left anything to be desired. The breakfast the next day was set in an exclusive room that triggered memories of irish bed and breakfasts. It was soooo magical.
My darling brother fell sick and I got to talk to him, and mummy had to rush back to another child that needed her! (I think mummy should be a full time mother again.. we need her too much).
They deposited me at my place around lunch time, and whilst I was longing to go with them, tearing a bit too, Dan needing mummy kept me from whining too much..
I then chatted with my darling sister for a few hours…
At the end of the day, my pms disappeared, I was recharged!
Which only serves to emphasise my point that home wasn’t wangsa melawati, it’s where my heart is. And each family member holds a piece… and it’s theirs for keeps…