Thursday, July 21, 2005

pek leng's birthday...

went to midvalley today to meet up with chuey ee, karen, pek leng, paik ling, shirley, chan see, sue choo, ming ying, kha hong, su miin, glen, siu ann and yew ewe! wah so nice to see them again... really really miss my intec friends, esp my apartment-mates.. hehe and i realised all my intec friends all very pretty one.. some more smart! who said JPA scholars were nerdy? i felt so happy, just sitting there... contented and safe being among friends... :-) love u all soooo much... we watched the movie "crying out love, in the centre of the world" this japanese movie in gsc... was quite draggy, and classic love story, but some of them cried! :-) then we went to secret recipe for tea.. though we walked to the outside of starbucks, then went in, then finally settled for secret recipe! then pek leng wanted to go to shah alam for her birthday dinner, but i couldnt go... but have a happy 21st birthday, dearest pek leng! was so great to see u all, my darling friends... and... happy 19th birthday to jo dear too!

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