Monday, July 18, 2005

feelings... :-)

1. super proud of my darling cousin, Henrietta Albela who ploughed her way through the much dreaded STPM, without any tuition mind you! and now, with much glee, i announce that she's studying medicine in UNIMAS, fulfilling her dream and soon the three of us can open clinic! :-) all the best, darling cousin!

2. my sister finished her A levels and is preparing to leave for india pretty soon. now this produces a concoction of feelings in me. pride that she's come this far and survived KTT too, but sad that she'll be leaving and it'd be a super long time before we're all staying at home together. and im also anxious about my little sister surviving in the rough world out there. i've been there, and i've had it easy, kinda wish she didnt have to go through this... ANYWAYS, i know she's one tough lady whom no one can push around! no one can mess with my little sister!

3. have been putting off actually meeting anyone since coming home. the first ppl i went out to meet were actually eugene and mira when mira came down from penang. then i finally went yumcha with everyone and i can't imagine or even fathom what ever kept me from meeting up with them. it feels great to be around ppl whom i know where they're coming from, their attitude when they were in school, and all the memories we shared. all the new acquaintances i've met since then have needed a lot of getting-to-know and even then, there are some masks that just refuse to come off. am so happy to have caught up with my old friends. truly love them all so much.

4. and the feelings in the previous post! :-)

will definitely blog about today's outing, unless lorraine also does, and i jsut have to link it! :-)

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