Saturday, July 23, 2005

i can't teach to save my life! ;-)

today's my darling maternal grandmother's birthday. Magdalene Jacinta Leony Alberto-Boudville turns 67 today! :-) went for lunch with my Mi and Papa, Mummy, gracie and dan at cozy corner in great eastern mall. wah that place quite affordable, i expected a meal to be about rm10, but the price range was abt rm5-7. and the drinks came in cups and glasses of all sorts of shapes and sizes. cute! and the shopping there isn't bad too. it's exclusive and nice. and we saw these two adorable cocker spaniels in the petshop. they looked so kesian and adorable. can't stand cats though.

today, mummy was sick and yet she still went to teach in the morning, and went to meet my grandma for lunch. tmrw, mummy has an exam. so i decided to go and accompany my mom and 'try' to help her teach. hehe i seriously don't think i have the patience, but i didnt enjoy helping them with their choral reading (speaking?) of a poem in charlie and the chocolate factory by roald dahl... :-) and mummy could sneak off and do a bit of studying once in awhile. i kinda enjoyed it, so another round tmrw! :-)

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