Thursday, July 21, 2005


the other day, a friend of mine came and told me about his holiday in central australia to visit the ayers rock there. they went in two busloads and spent about 11 days there. and then right, i laughed cause i was naive and ignorant me never heard of it. then today i watched this japanese love story, "Crying out love, in the center of the world" in the international screen in gsc midvalley and half of the story centred on the girl, Hirose Aki, asking the guy, Saku to scatter her ashes in uluru cause to her it was a sacred place to the Aborigines and to her as well, and to her, it was like the centre of the world. then i did some research and it seems the rock can change colours, from blue to red! (for more info: so now i owe that friend an apology... :-) and i learnt something new abt the world!

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