Wednesday, September 21, 2005

slot machines, aladdin and nausea...

went with mum to send in her UM application form at UM on monday afternoon, met aaron so he cud help direct us out, then we went to Puchong to pick my Mi up then headed for my dearest Godma's new apartment in Damansara Perdana, in the Mutiara Damansara area, which incidentally also houses Goms' office in Tesco main office. Goms' new place is really exclusive, it's like what Hartamas and Damansara used to be like. new area, but the shops are rising to the sky very quickly. didnt think to bring my camera, or else i wud have nice pics to put up here. we shopped at the Curve and we ate at this place 'Mache' pronounced 'mar-shay'. it's almost like a food court, but all the food's prepared by the same company, and it's really fresh and very homey. can choose ur own ice cream, own veggies to be stir-fried, etc. then we have these 'passports' onwhich to stamp our orders, then we pay at the end of our meals. super interesting concept. anyways, since Goms was bringing Mi up to genting the next day (Tuesday), Mummy and i decided to follow, so Mi and Goms came over to spend the night in our home! i had an excruciating migraine attack. hard a tough time falling asleep though i was so tired. kept awakening in the middle of the night. we woke up around 7.30 and headed for Genting! hehe maybe it was 'angin' cause i didnt eat properly the day before, or maybe it was too early in the morning, but though Goms' honda accord was super comfortable, i felt like puking. then we ate Ipoh Hor Fun for brunch, and played slot machines! hehe i like the Zorro machine at first (only 1cent per point. Once i was playing the machine with my grandma, and we gambled till the last 60 cents from rm 10, so my grandma decided to gamble the whole thing and we actually won rm30.60! hehe it's super difficult to collect winnings these days. and i think being around the 'chimneys' at the casino, shortened my lifespan by 10 years!at least! the smoke was awful! my grandma introduced me to 5 cent games and i loved this arabian-night-Aladdin game. i bet only 10 points per time but this one guy, whom i was waiting for finish with the machine, kept adding rm100 (2xrm50) every 2-3 mins cause he bet 90 points! i managed to win back Mi's money, about rm33! hehe thats my official favourite slot! hehe
then we had makan, before shopping at First World, before heading home at around 6.30. can hardly keep my eyes opened now... hehe i mean no offence to ppl who do like to gamble, but i find that playing the slot machines isnt particularly stimulating, though it is definitely fun with the right company. it was fun to laugh with my grandma and all, but i can hardly fathom how ppl can concentrate and 'invest' so much. they all looked dazed! i guess to win big, one has to play big. oh well... i played in the casino for the first time since turning 21. btw, they dont allow picture taking. so no pics from the casino..

oh happy birthday to terry! you deserve a very good one, pal!

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