Sunday, September 11, 2005


it's super incredible the way things are these days... even :-P is haram... do read on...

PSD spells out new rulings on sexual harassment:
No ogling, no hugging
Hamidah Atan

Civil servants are reminded that it is an offence to ogle or hug colleagues without their consent — or even to stick out your tongue at them.
Such behaviour has been officially deemed sexual harassment, under new guidelines issued in a Public Service Department circular today.

Also prohibited are lewd hand signs, dirty SMS messages, asking for sexual bribes and even cracking off-colour jokes.

Women are similarly warned, as these offences are not considered gender-specific.

"Sexual harassment transcends gender and status," said PSD director-general Datuk Ismail Adam. "A man can harass another man, or a woman harass another woman."

---------->on a totally separate issue... i was swimming at the club jsut now, wearing my ugly swimming cap and goggles, when this guy started talking to me,(i was a little irritated cause i was really intent on finishing my laps cause i havent exercised in soooo many days) and then he asked for my hp number. haha! what a surprise! though awfully flattering, endorphins and a compliment! in the end, i told him to let me change first and gave some excuse to only give him my email add instead. ehhe my dad and mum reacted surprisingly well actually... hehe

---------> gracie's coping really well in india. am so very proud of her. though the dissection thing is a bit of a nuisance now and it's so difficult for her to catch up with the bullet-train speed they breeze through their syllabus... but im sure you can do it, darling sister... missing u so very much... love u loads and loads...

-----------> my brother teased me about being really outdated when it comes to modern Hitz... so i switched on the radio and downloaded a few 'new releases'... really love "Don't Cha" , "All The Way", "cater to you", the bsb songs, "we belong together' and 'lonely no more"! i think the first and the last are my absolute favourites!!!! hehehe

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