Friday, December 15, 2006

:-) totally random...

it's 3 am!
and i'm as alert as ever. hehe
it's very interesting how a washing machine had me squatting in front of it, and even the normal usage of the thing took me hours to figure out! :-) it's becoming less of a wonderment as to how the process of driving escapes me.
i vacuumed my room and the hallway.
i wish the gym was opened, i have so much pent up energy to release.
i'm actually very happy these days.
only thing that taints my mood is the cold and rain.
overdrive has kicked in and i so know im running on adrenaline.
just scared if i sleep, it'd be ages before im hardworking enough to wake up!

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Lionel said...

hi honey! dont let the cold and the rain affect you ok. its good to see that you're happy! haha =)