Monday, December 25, 2006

"Pax vobis" ("Peace be with you) -Pope Benedict XVI

as the events unfolded itself, through an unexpected turn and twists and a tiring day, i found myself stranded in good ol' Dublin this Christmas. it's a good thing i set my mind to not celebrate christmas. Gracie called and one by one my relatives came on the line to wish me a Merry Christmas and they broke through my emotional barrier and tears were shed. :-) but it's all all right now. i couldn't sleep much throughout the night so i decided to make it for an early Mass. who better to celebrate Christmas with than the celebrated Birthday Boy right?
so i headed to church to top off my Advent with Christmas and to bask in the true feeling of Christmas. i knew i was missing so many parties back home, but visiting Jesus in Our Lord's house was like having a piece of my home Christmas!

What i saw on Christmas morning
Dawn Mass- there's this lady who was sitting two rows behind me, once a few weeks back, when i left to go to the altar for Holy Communion, i left my groceries in the pew and when i returned, she was sitting in my seat. i put it down as amnesia or senile dementia and thought it was a one-off occurrence. the same lady did it again today. hehe it was quite amusing...

True love at work- i really respect and am in awe of such love. i don't know if im capable of such love, to care for someone 24/7, especially if what's left is merely a shell of the person i love. that's why these kind of public displays of affection really tug at my heart strings...

Finally, the candles of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love are joined by the Christmas candle.

even the bulletins are cause for joy

probably THE most beautiful crib i've ever seen!

After i was done with Mass, i really wanted to snap a shot of River Liffey, a shot that completes almost every tourist-y collection of Dublin photos i've seen. so i rushed there before the rain would start to pour.
Things i saw along the way
Baby Dunnes on George's Street

New Charlie's Four! with Nasi Lemak too

River Liffey on Christmas morning

I had to practically run to the River cause my camera battery was in danger of dying. but on the way back, i stopped right in the middle of Dame Street and took this shot!

Will update more about the rest of the day. I love this shot. It's truly my Christmas in Dublin-me, a bulletin of the Nativity of the Lord and with the background of River Liffey. :-) practically captures the entire essence of my post!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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