Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Serious stuff, for a change

:-) well, i decided my blog needed some serious stuff or else not only will ppl think i'm a bimbo who doesn't study at all, i myself might begin to believe my brain has ceased to function. :-)

i was reading the newspaper yesterday (well, truthfully, i was browsing for offers for my dream phone and stuff to do over the christmas season), and i came across the headline "Is there a Doctor in the house? We don't need one" or something along those lines. I tried finding the article online to no avail. But the gist of it was that a group of biomedical researchers (i know a lot of my friends in this field, ppl whom i believe would get the chance to study medicine if it wasn't so expensive cause they really do have the brains... instead a lot of them would be stuck doing laboratory work. a real waste of brain-age i feel). Anyways, in this one university in Ireland, this team of researchers are developing (or have developed) a home diagnostic kit that can take samples of saliva, or prick your skin painlessly for blood samples, or other body fluids and obtain the necessary information from the FBC or other counts and beam it via satelite to the laboratory for further analysis, thus successfully eliminating the need of a middle man. This cost-effective and resources-savvy move, which would normally be applauded by tax payers, has doctors now bearing the brunt of being phased out! kinda fizzes out my zest to study la...

Secondly, there's this forward being circulated about how if (touch wood and pray it doesnt happen to any of you), a robber abducts you and forces you to enter your pin at the atm to draw out money, all you have to do is enter it in reverse, and unbeknown to the unassuming robber, the security authorities and necessary parties would be alerted, though your money would be issued per normal! isn't this wonderful? the end of the email forward had a bit about how not many ppl knew, so robbers wont know better, but i think it won't be for long, what with the incessant email forwarding and my blogging it here... who knows who else would be blogging about it too!

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