Saturday, January 07, 2006


don't usually read them, what more, believe in them... but my horoscope for today in friendster caught my eye (or maybe i was looking for something to attract my attention away from my studies!) so i decided to put it here, cause i think i know what my new year's resolution should be... to love my family as priority and to show it to them...!
so here it is, courtesy of friendster:

The Bottom Line
A sudden disdain for new places leads you to return to a long-forgotten favorite.

In Detail
A recent event has made it clear to you that you need to put your priorities in order -- on all levels. Emotionally speaking, of course, family, true friends and loved ones will necessarily take the number one spot in your heart -- and since you're prioritizing, spend some time with them and spoil them a bit, for absolutely no other reason than simply to let them know how much you care

NB: will blog about christmas later in the evening after im done with genetics!

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