Sunday, January 15, 2006

exams... :-)

just an observation...
the dawn of exams brings with it two things :-
a). people started consuming more coffee which means escalated sales for Butlers
-this is pretty self-explanatory and most ppl are familiar with the stimulatory effect of caffeine

b). God takes a more central role in more lives
-i can't deny guilt over this... i like to think i think of God all the time even before this, but i cant honestly say i do...
but i guess ppl wanting to feel Jesus' presence is good, i only hope i can keep Him in my heart where He belongs...

Words from today's sermon;
Jesus would say "Don't doubt My love"
"Speak Lord Your servant is listening"
We need to find 'home' to find peace and faith, and Jesus' home is in us, just as we are in Him, and Jesus is in the Father and the Father in Jesus, thus our bodies indeed ARE the temple of the Holy Spirit... purity all the waaaaaay!

1 comment:

Sharon said...

yes yes..totally agree my dear =)

Good luck with your first prof..time for me to ZzzZz with an overweight brain 0_O haha...and dream about my next butlers coffee..sigh... ciao