Thursday, March 13, 2008

things finally get hectic and i don't see it getting easier any time soon...

oh gosh, it's been months and months since i've last posted a blog...

if you're wondering why the word 'finally', well medical school in RCSI has been somewhat pleasant... they taught us what we needed to know and then we were examined... but here, it's two weeks of ophthal back in august, then a barring mcq paper and a barring 40 min clinical exam in which they take 10 mins to ask us anything they want.. and it's barring!! after two weeks a really long time ago!!!

well after november, we had to deal with the end of the year medicine OSCE (which was hellish, the poked, probed and proded even without provocation, some held grudges against us just because we weren't able to make it to her 11 am class when it was supposed to be originally at 12, and she told us it was brought forward at 10.30, and it was a week before the exams... and medicine is never easy anyway...) and also the mcq papers for both medicine and surgery.. i was so delighted and i truly surprised myself with my results this time, probably my best in med school! :-) so i enjoyed christmas with my baby sister who came back from india. back when we were growing up, our relationship went through many phases, she went from being my very best friend to being someone i hardly knew, when she first started getting boyfriends, that was my awkward fat, ugly phase in life (i think andrew nicknamed me bulldozer once, and boy did it hurt... ).. but now my sister's the best friend and closest friend and also the person who knows me best... we gossip and bitch like we can do with no other! gracie came to penang to spend about a week with me, and i've never felt more comfortable with anyone being in my room before. probably cause we're so alike, so in tune.. i love you so much gracie!!!

then before i could properly sink into the holidays, and after i gained 2-3 kgs from all grandma's roast pork, mummy's roast chicken twice in 3 days, the heavenly divine Jogoya buffet (this is the very best most worth it most delicious buffet spread ever! and we eat at buffets quite often.. but to give you a general idea, there were three ice cream freezers one with baskin robbins, one with Movenpick from Marche and another normal brand, there were more than 10 types of tea!
oh just finished telling ei leen everything, so go ask her la.. hehe

anyways. point form updates...
1. my gastritis seems to have cleared up, thank God.. :-) there was an episode during the exams, but thankfully i think it's settled..
2. i'm actually waiting for the viva list to be posted...
3. i'm abt to start a 6 week elective posting with KL general hospital! how fun is that? after which there's a grueling 6 weeks of Obs and gynae, six weeks of paeds and six weeks of psychiatry then exams!! so im gonna really really enjoy my 6 weeks of not studying or rather of not being guilty for not studying.. :-)
4. my birthday is coming up!
5. i have been on a fast from facebook and friendster, for the prayer, almsgiving and fasting for Lent and come this sunday, it'd be 40 days! it was quite timely too, cause i needed to get rid of distractions to be able to study.. :-)
ok.. tired dee... hehe will try to take photos these 6 weeks and revive my blog with more life too! and colours!!

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