Tuesday, August 14, 2007

ah the glamorous...

migraines are a real pain...
i was struck down by pain of the most intensce variety.
Site: whole head with the point of greatest intensity in the centre
Radiation: nowhere really
character: throbbing
onset:came on suddenly at around 3 pm
periodicity: it grew in intensity, intermittent intensity, but never fully goes away
duration: it never went away
severity: for me, it rated a 15 on a decadent scale! at one point, i was paralysed with pain, daring not to move, actually being unable to but then i've never experience colic or labour
aggravating:nothing really
relieving factors: i attempted to bust the pain with 2 ibuprofen, one ponstan, one antihistamine (to induce slumber), charcoal pills, traditional chinese medicine, topical minyak angin, mint lavender oil, and a cold eye patch
associated symptoms: nausea, and loss of appetite

it went away at around midnight but the grogginess kicked in and i slept. right up till 11am.
not really sure if it's migraine, i didnt eat anything out of the ordinary... but could be premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and PMS... im wrung so tight it's gonna be impossible for relief to come...

this holiday has been amazing... my mother and grandmother took on a mission at the start of my holidays to fatten me up and while i am feeling a bit bloated and i dont want to be fat again, it'shard not to relish their efforts. so the sacrificial lamb has been fattened, to be offered to PMC and it's "supremely noble" higher power of medicine. hehe but i've eaten all i wanted to eat, and many many times too!
besides that, i've read books to while time away... i forgot just how magical it is. and to do it on a clear conscience, it's difficult to read on school days, i feel guilty for reading something other than my notes, and i dont wanna read my notes, so i watch my series, after all, we dont have videos to watch.. well except the protocol videos... hehe
and shopped!! that's pretty self explanatory...

one thing i have yet to do, is meet up with friends... im sooooo sorry! it's just the timing's not right, and i have to fit into my friends' busy career-driven schedules that don't allow for much free time, and there's always something... last night i felt the worst. im really pitying my friends for having such a friend like me!

current obsession: criminal minds

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