Wednesday, September 06, 2006

pretty things in nice packages!

hehe i've known a lot of guys in my life, and i dont mean romantically. i just make it a point to know ppl, and how i'm linked to ppl. i guess i really like it when i find out that the world is actually very small, and it never fails to amaze me everytime i find a link. that's why, i guess, friendster's my fav website. that, and the interesting gossip updates one can get without even having to ask and sound like a nosy biatch. hehe

gosh, im so terpesong-ing. hehe well my point was that, i liked to scan and get a feel of the scene (i.e. cute eligible guys at a particular location), jsut for networking and sometimes to matchmake with my friends! hehe and melawati DOES have their bountiful share of hot guys, trust me! hehe so growing up, i've seen some guys grow out of their hotness, while some just nicely grow up. hehe but as time passed, i began to lose hope in mankind with the dwindling amount of hot guys with stellar personalities and intelligence to dazzle. i thought i had met them all, and that was it. boy, did things look bleak.

but guess what!?! i could not be more wrong!! hehe these guys are pretty much guaranteed out of my or anyone close to me's reach. but they're living proof that brains do still indeed come in nice packages! hehe

1. Wentworth Miller (they come in no particular order, i swear, looks or brains!)
those who read my more recent posts would know of my obsession with his eyes, his hands, his brooding looks. hehe the whole hot package! i think i read somewhere that he's some sort of intelligent fella in real life too. not just in Prisonbreak in which he's a topshot structural engineer. oh ya, if my memory serves me correctly, in REAL life he has a degree in English which he completed waaaay before even venturing into acting. talk about knowing his priorities! hehe just Look at him! who can say he doesnt have the whole package?? God IS kind! hehe

2. Wang Lee Hom
i always knew at the back of my mind that this guy's pretty good looking. but i thot he was another chinese pop singer who crooned in a language i didnt understand, what more attempt to groove to. hehe but this summerr, his face is everywhere! hehe kind like a "take a closer look at me" kinda msg (yes, wishful thinking on my part, i know.. ehhe ). he's on Fossil's advertisements, and his amazingly macho voice almost manages to tempt me to ditch my 7 year loyalty to DiGi for Celcom! hehe he's cut out as the golden heir of a medical dynasty with his dad a pediatrician, his brother some doctor too. he won some top award for being an outstanding high school student and was on his wya to study medicine in Yale i think, but followed his heart into music in Berkeley and he aced it too. he plays a multitude of musical instruments. hehe if he didnt, we wont get to swoon over him, globally! and since he is an American, he speaks English innately! PERFECTION!!!

3. Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor
hehe i read the news on our very first Malaysian astronaut and you can be sure i'd be tuning in really intently for updates on this astronomical breakthrough! hehe a Medical officer who lectures at HUKM whilst pursuing his Masters in orthopaedic medicine, he chose space travel and is putting his life on hold. he is really really HOT! hehe i mean, just look at him! hehe if i were fitter, and maybe a little older, i'd wanna know where to sign up to 'work' with him on his amazingly challenging pursuit of his dream. hehe i'd be his personal cheerleader! hehe
(p/s pics off the Star online!)

so there. 3 guys who restored my faith in hot intelligent men. hehe what do you think?


sheon said...

there's an equal amount of hot intelligent men and hot intelligent women. but....what is really really rare is people, with really good character, that's something rarer than gemstones i reckon. agree?

pretty nice blog you have here. if you can spend more time writing more material, i think you can get a huge following...... :)

somandyk said...

im sure u know alot of guys romanticcaly too! haha! =P

if you ever meet these almost perfect guys who live on our side of the world and are nto celebrities (actually i wouldnt mind dating a celebrity!), let me know! better still, clone them! there can never be to many of them!

RKonline said...

Hey Sarah,
I sure hope you don't recognise ONLY those 3 people as hot and intelligent...
Take RCSI for example. Plenty of hot intelligent guys there.. :P

henrietta said...

*swoon* hehe..