Saturday, June 17, 2006

summer's here...!!

half way thru my exams...well actually the written papers are all done... it was really odd this time. i was very enthusiastic about the first papers... then they kinda screwed up the papers by asking questions from another module so it felt kinda pointless to study since all we studied didnt really come out. so i was really lazy the days preceeding friday's paper. gosh i slept so much. felt sure i was gonna regret it like mad... alas, the questions were hardly from our module either. basically all the clinical skills we studied... sigh... SO! hehe i decided to self declare my own holiday though i still have OSCE and mcqs left. hehe went to the nice Irish market in temple bar for oysters with wine and bread then moore street and the Ilac library. sigh... it's beautiful out there. Dublin's amazing now!

world cup's started. no comment! hehe
the amazing thing abt the summer is that the irish smoke less! it works out really well for me cause i love the weather and i can go jalan-jalan and they smoke less so... it's just dandy!

here's bruno's bar for gracie!

we had poileng's birthday makan that day and i celok-ed this pic from karen!


your said...

phentermine nice :)

alex said...

hehe... it seems so quiet and so long since you last blogged... :).. hehe.. well, not that i'm blogging at the moment... ;P hehe.. hope all is well... take care! :)

your said...

phentermine nice :)

Lorraine said...

hey sarah!! i found you blog....update lah...haha.. hugs :D

RKonline said...

sarah.. listen to these people la...
blog more :)