Sunday, February 26, 2006

a toast to a wonderful one month break...

:-) (i'm well-rested and raring to go that i'm going to start this post with a smile and a beam for the world...)
ei leen said that i hardly update my blog. hehe can't help but agree with her, and i foresee even less frequent updates with the dawn of the new term on Monday.
i was dreading this new semester cause we'd have to commence classes in Beaumont Hospital which is a half an hour bus ride away(i think, maybe more...) and we're all split into these groups of 30 and a subgroup of 10, and we pretty much move around in those groups, we'll attend lectures together, even take breaks together while the other groups are in session. these are the ppl who'll be with me for the remaining one year journey here in dublin. (it's quite sad that i have only one year left here!!!). we're planning to go to amsterdam for the Easter hols as it'll be our last spring in Dublin. oh well... oh anyways... it's a whole new semester, with a whole new schedule, whole new bunch of friends and a whole new wardrobe! hehe i was having trouble accepting this new change, and the anticipation is horrible, but i went to print out the timetable to get a clearer view(kinda like how i need to list down all i need to cover before an exam before i'm able to start studying and to ease the panic and pressure), and it's not all that bad. i'm actually very excited abt my first clinical observation this coming wednesday. i'd get to enter a theatre in scrubs and all!! oooooooh can hardly wait! will have to charge my camera to bring to beaumont from now on! so many new experiences and adventures!
there's a lot of things in my mind right now, but i think instead of boring everyone with my thoughts-unscrambling on my blog,i think perhaps i should sit down and think and sort through my thoughts before coming back.
hehe some more mira just told me my blog's length and difficult to read.. sigh...
will revamp it soon, dear... ehhe
be right back!

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