Monday, March 07, 2005

garde leui!!!

hehehe... rcsi has been very generous in dishing out off days to first meds, maybe cause they have been preoccupied with the seniors, and i cant say i have any complaints! on the 23rd of february, nal suddenly calls me and invites me on a trip to edinburgh with wai quen and terry. hehehe we left a few hours later, and by 10 am on the 24/2, we were in edinburgh!!! ehehhe
the scottish town was absolutely magical... i actually fell more in love with edinburgh than i did with london, milan, rome or even venice... the scottish ppl are so nice, the air is sooooo clean, and in the 3 days that i was there, i only saw two smokers! we went to the scotch whiskey distillery, edinburgh castle, a graveyard tour, mary king's close, the royal college, camera obscura, and we even caught a ballet! hehe the scottish history is amazing... they used to be enclosed in a wall so there was nowhere to develop except upwards. and since there was no efficient sewage system, at 10 am and 10 pm every day, everyone would shout "garde leui" and dump their waste out the window onto the streets (closes) which all led to the site of witchcraft-execution, the Nor Loch (North Lake). and the plaque that struck scotland left many, many without parents, children, etc. and the dumping of the bodies also led to a gradual change in the street structure, with edinburgh being full of hills and slopes! hehe the graveyard tour was particularly interesting, it was creepy to hear about torture and particularly heart-rendering to hear about bobby, the scottish terrier which(perhaps the correct pronoun would be 'who') visited his master's grave every day for 14 years and bobby was buried in the same cemetery was his master. i actually plopped through snow in a graveyard the first night i was there! hehe the story about william burke and his friend, how they killed ppl just to earn ±10 pounds per cadaver was remarkably hard to believe. i shudder when i think of i, even now!
i needed the trip... after everything that i've been through the past two months, being away from everything and everyone was refreshing... my handphone didnt automatically roam, and i cant say that it was a bad thing... it was great to break free... :-)

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