Thursday, February 03, 2005

ever get that feeling...?

i've come a long way! ehhe from not knowing even the most basic culinary skills, except cooking rice and frying egg, i can now proudly say i can put together an edible meal! ehhe and best of all, i tried baking too...! ehhe my housemates and i tried baking a cake for new year, but the cake refused to rise at all! ehhe but we did have a hard time trying to cream the butter and sugar and egg together properly... but thanks to Argos, i now am the proud owner of a proper hand mixer! ehhe so i baked cookies on the first day.. but i baked them on a ceramic plate and my poor housemates had to scrape the cookies off the plate to eat!the first batch even fused together to make one giant cookie! ehhe second day, it was a sunday, i tried baking a cake. hehe it rose! was sooooo happppieee!!! happier than i've been in ages! ehhe then just yesterday, i baked cupcakes! hehe they rose too... 23 wonderful cupcakes! ehhe a piece of heaven.. i wonder if heaven's made up of chocolate.. i wonder if Jesus enjoyed chocolate when he was here on earth...?

ok abt that feeling...i've been responsible my whole life... dependable prefect, teacher's pet... and since coming here,i've had to be even more responsible. JPA doesnt help either, got so much to settle.. banking's made simpler with online banking, but it still requires a dash of responsibility... then need to get my notes printed... think of wat to eat... even down to setting my alarm clock... sigh... for once in my life, for the very first time, i feel like i wanna throw caution into the air... i wanna be carefree... yet, the responsible part of me still nags me to think of, to know that the consequences wont be pretty... i guess maybe this is just a phase... i'd bid my time for it to pass...

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