Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chronicles of Baby Ju's journey


:-) We chose baby J on a Friday, the 7th of AUgust 2009. We went to Poochie Poochie (ehehe) in Puchong and met Anne, whose poodle was 'raped' by a west highland terrier, giving Baby Juliette and her brother. There were 3 other female brown poodles with the siblings in their play pen. WHen i walked into the shop, baby J came to me but i didntknow it was her at the moment, so i just played with the nearest puppy, and turns out it was our puppy! there were also 3 retrievers but they grow waaaaay too big to be a house dog... She had a vaccination on Saturday, so we decided to leave her for a day for Anne to watch for a fever.

Day One
We collected her on Sunday... SHe was such a good girl, she slept the whole trip home,and i had read abt how puppies would get antsy on the way home, how we need to soothe them etc. but she just slept! :-) We were told to immediately put her on newspapers to pee the moment we arrived home, and she peed on the newspaper! the clever girl!

but that night... she cried and cried, almost thru the night. i was up to rush downstairs to check out why she was crying until 2 am, then dan and mom were woken up.

Day Two
I woke up at 7 to bring her outside to eat and poo, she ate like normal and did her business like a good girl... She let me clean her teeth, her ears. and she has gotten used to being whisked into the bathroom to wash bum and paws whenever she poos! :-)
But she started yelping once mummy woke up. Mum was very tired. and so was Juliette! she slept almost thru the day! :-) she's such a darling. She walked around a bit while we did chores.. :-) short busybody!Then we brought her to the vet.
But she didnt eat anything anymore. at night we were worried and tried to feed her some dog biscuits instead, she took some but still had no appetite! i began to really worry abt Baby J.

I didn't know if Mummy would keep her at this rate...i put a ticking clock by her play pen,hoping against hope that it'd work this time... it was too late, i love her too much to lose her!

Day Three
I woke up and rushed down to see if she was ok. i pacified her a bit then rushed upstairs for mum to officially wake up and put Juliette's stuff into MUm's routine. i was anxious to find out if she woke anyone up during the night, cause i sleep like a log, i can't hear ANYTHING!

Turns out she didnt make any noise! tried getting her used to the harness, cleaned her teeth and ears and mummy combs her... i tried the ouch method to get her to now nibble me, and she stopped immediately, only to climb my hands, and lick me! awwwww
SHe has a temper too, dan was playing with her using her towel, but when she couldnt reach it, she barked at him, and when he gave her her towel, she took it and walked off! hehe She loves her teddy too, sleeping with her head on teddy a lot! Thankfully, she ate today...

Day Four

Baby J keep quiet throughout the night!! yay! but she vomited a bit, mum thinks it is from the bone mum gave daddy to give her when daddy leaves in the morning, cause she gets restless whenever the keys jingle and we open the door!
i put her outside to eat and pee while mummy cleaned her indoor play pen. Then we decided to bathe her! she climbed all over me and i was wetter than her at the end of the bath! hehe After her bath, she played with a dry towel mummy gave her and she was dry in no time! :-) she slept with her head on teddy and even when i put her purple towel over her body, she didnt move! :-)
Then mummy wanted to see Mi, and we packed Baby J, in the car. she slept in the crate, which i left open but she went into it on her own! She responds to 'Ju-ju' and she absolutely loves to pose. usually she'll go towards and try to bite anything she sees,except for the camera, she will just hold her pose for a few seconds! Whenever mummy navigates corners, she'd get thrown around her crate.. hehe yet she won't whine or yelp! such a darling! in Mi's hse, mi and papa let her wander around, like how typical grandparents ar... She went to pee in Mi's bathroom immediately upon arrival. then she wandered around! :-) managed to catch her poo cause she went just near a newspaper but not quite on it.She went towards ben to play with him but he seems really scared of her, he'd run away and she'd just chase him! :-)
She slept on the way home too :-) she's a really easy travel companion!

Baby J is in the hospital... Please get well and come home soon, pretty girl.. Mummy, Daddy, Che che sarah, Kor kor even che gracie miss u so much... and love u too!!

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henrietta said...

omg...she's like the perfect puppy! sooo cute!!!!