Thursday, March 05, 2009

i so wanna document this week...!

it was Vascular week and group after group before this have shared stories of the scary Mr K2 and his grilling on monday morning at 7.15am, and Mr K1 in the clinic with 15 mins to rush to our 2pm tutorials and 6 essays on vascular examination and a video...
so the friday before (27/2), i clerked two patients, one arterial, one venous so that whichever system Mr K2 requested, we didn't need to come during the weekend to clerk.
He wanted venous, so during the weekend i wrote out the complete extended history (i took a 15 min history from the reluctant patient), then read up on management, differentials, etc. i even searched for journals online (Pentoxifylline= Trental, Daflon) and Bisgaard principles, and did the best i could. i was swamped the whole weekend, trying to prepare for the Upper GI tutorial we had on Tues, and my clinical presentation (recto-sigmoid Ca) also on tuesday.
Mr K2 postponed our teaching to 8.30. so that was a welcome gesture, but i went in at 8 to finalise my case. 8.40 monday morning i presented, and he asked if i clerked the patient for a very long period of time, he was satisfied with the history except for intermittent claudication symptoms,but grilled me on examination. i stumbled but my groupmates were there! in the end, Mr K2 was joking and laughing with us!
so we went to Mr K1's clinic, and lucky us, there were no more patients at 12.30, when we were fully prepared to stay till 1.30. Tutorial at 2 was cancelled, but we had to be back at the vascular clinic at 3 for clinical presentation.

My tuesday clinical presentation was postponed to thu, instead of an afternoon free, we had one session from the coming friday with mr Lam was brought forward to 2pm, one session from friday morning with mr lim was at 3-4, and mr siva was at 4-5, but he didnt turn up till 4.50... that tues morning, we stood in the OT from 8.15 till 1.30pm!

Wednesday we went in at 8am to organise our patients in the ward, while waiting for Mr K1 who taught us from 10-11.30 pm. We had MDS at 12-2, and tutorial with mr P, but he cancelled it. so that afternoon was off at 2.30pm.

Thursday morning, we had a session with Mr Lam at 6.15 am, and had to do our video and compile our essays. i clerked my 2nd jaundice patient for the week, but the hepatobiliary system is still pretty vague. We had a 1-2pm session with Mr P for his session yesterday, 2-3 with mr murugan who didnt turn up cause he was on his flight to the philippines, and 3.30-4.30 with mr teoh...

i felt direly incompetent cause i didnt have time to prepare my tutorials. i woke up at 4.30 or 5 am everyday, after sleeping at midnight and still couldnt find enough time...
i am so tired... don't get me wrong, the surgeons are all very nice ppl, they're kind but awfully busy... i know i'm gonna miss them.
next weekend we have our advanced life support(ALS) course, that had 50% of the previous group failing... so need to brush up my general surgery knowledge, finish the 6 essays, my next week tutorials, and ALS material!

This is truly final med. and God knows i feel so stupid, but i'm loving it!

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