Friday, November 10, 2006

:-) a post!

i was lazing in bed this morning, then i suddenly recalled this craze we girls (some guys too actually) used to have... well 2 things actually...
1. autograph craze...
short catchy 4 liners cropped up and suddenly it was about who had the most creative signature (i rmbr Ezlin Deanna have THE most creative signatureS-ezlin came up with many signatures and no one's could even compare!) and poems like

Drink hot coffee, drink hot tea,
Burn your lips and remember me.

(F)riendship (R)emains (A)nd (N)ever (C)an (E)nd

Do not put off this tomorrow what may be done today (this used to spur me on to impulsive acts, some of the more memorable ones involved certain vulnerable feelings, confessions to a said hot guy (though nowadays, when i look back on my crushes, i find myself thinking 'what was i thinking???"), and ultimately dejected and bruised esteem due to rejection, or at odd times, reciprocated feelings and ultimately boredom. :-)

2. the infamous F.L.A.M.E and .F.C.H.L
ok so heres what they stand for (F)riendship (C)ourtship (H)atred (L)ove
(F)rienship (L)ove (A)dmiration (M)arriage (E)ngagement
and the percentage count
------>all supposedly to interpret the course of our connection with a hot guy (or non hot also, where we hope for the hatred so avoid any linkage and to disprove rumors) from how the letters in our names line up against each other.
just for illustration's sake, i'll borrow two characters
so cancelling out common letters, it'dp be
so counting the F.L.A.M.E. first on the cancelled letters, then on the non-cancelled out ones, we have
A-H-L-C and
Interpretation ----> Ariel would first (A)dmire Eric, then (H)ate him, then (L)ove him then wanna (C)ourt him
In the same course of time, Eric would (A)dmire Ariel, then reciprocate the (H)atred, then only want (F)riendship both when she loves and wanna court him.

the percentage game...
there's a total of
A=1, R=2, I=2, E=2, L=1, C=1
so 1+2, 2+2, 1+1 would equal
adding 3+4, 2 would equal
in conclusion, Ariel and Eric would have a compatibility of 72%!
isn't it just fun???

:-) i was reading Lorraine's post on weight issue among women and no one would believe me if i were to say i'm above such nonsense. the hype on this issue, esp among mental health conscious medical students is escalating. and 2 thoughts occurred to me.
1. back home, among nonmedical ppl, weight loss would be heralded and sincere and some less sincere compliments would abound as it's undeniable that healthy weight loss is not only highly beneficial health-wise, but there's a huge margin of weight loss in which no one can honestly proclaim to look worse. granted, there's a point when ppl cross the line into looking sickly and ghastly scrawny, but i find it to be a very hard temptation to resist, esp when it's relatively easy to lose weight to look good. Guys, on the other hand, need to eat protein-rich diets, and lift weights to buff up, but at the same time, not looking too buff. it's truly not easy.
2. i bought a christmas dress yesterday, at such a bargain too, and while i was in the process of letting go of the preoccupation i have with wanting to look good, it just felt soooo nice to be able to fit and not have unsightly bulges.

am trying to upload photos here, but do proceed to my dear dear friend, Alex Ong's blog for photos. :-) i can't seem to upload mine...

thula and i. i think thula looks so great here!
i took a pic with Saravanan last year too! but this pic depicts my entire baju kedah!
Alex Ong!
JunMay and i
ravi kumar

Oh i've been plagued by horrible migraines and a very bad attack of conjunctivitis.
I overused my contact lenses, but it wasn't a grossly long overstay, just a week over a month, when i use my lenses up to 2 months back home! well, it became bloodshot,and LaySan warned me that i had better get it checked for fear of it developing into an ulcer. for the very first time in my life, i was so worried to get my health checked. i dropped eye drops in my eyes and still it didn't subside. i had to don my specs for 3 days! hehe
i admittedly do get very self conscious and not feel my optimal self in specs, but i also can't look at ppl in the eye. i tend to keep the world at bay when i wear specs. but the good news is that it's healing... the moral of the story is pretty apparent ya?

so that's it for now... :-)
Mr Daniel Khong!!! blog, baby! :-) and i never heard abt ur gift u know...
Miss Gracie Snowflakes, i miss you so much!
Sharon Tay, Ms Vice President, please update...
Lionel Tessenshon, thanks for always remembering me...
Mr Alex Ong, sorry for borrowing ur blog post without prior permission!
Miss Lorraine Thong, do keep ur blog posts coming, dear...
Miss Amanda Khoo, thanks for all your help, girl!
Gracey Moo, thanks for always always updating ur blog. it's really something i look forward to reading everyday, and draw inspiration to keep Jesus in everything i do, like u always do!
Miss Karen Looi, heard u looked stunning at the Ambassador's open hse, girl.. do post photos!
Shen-Han, i dont know if u blog or even if u visit here, but so sorry i didnt get to properly catch up the other day... was very very delighted to see an old pal. really happy actually!
I'm not sure who else reads this blog... and i do have a lot of other shout outs to other ppl on my mind, but oh well...
better keep them to myself for now! :-)

---->Bimbo Songs
Cater to You - Destiny's Child
Wishing and Hoping - OST My Best Friend's Wedding


You Don't Own Me - OST First Wives' Club


alex said...

heyy!!! my pics!!! lol.... ouch ouch ouch.. my upper limbs are in severe pain.. lol... lucky la you... post when i'm injured :P haha.. strained muscles from working out.. bleh.. haha.. considering it was my first time in a gym though, not too bad.. :P..

and link me summore.. ai yo yo...... :S hahaha.... sigh... lol.. :)

xentova said...

yo che! finally a post! so dis is wut u were doing when i wasnt online laa, oh ya and i WAS actually online! but i didnt see u!

xentova said...

oh ya da FLAME FHCL game cannot work la! hahaha u come back den u count for me k :P

Sharon said...

Sarah Sarah ! I have updated ! heheeh..finally =) Go visit !!! =P

Anonymous said...

very pretty :-)
the FLAME game tak pernah dengar pun..
the games girls play.. :p

Shen-Han said...

Hi Sarah! yes to both questions. I do blog and I do visit your blog. Well, not that regularly unfortunately. Leisure time is something of a scarcity in Cambridge.

Feel free to visit my blog. Click the link on my name.

It was nice to see ya, albeit for such a short time. Well, I'm sure there'll be plenty of opportunities to meet up again in the future.

Till then, you take care, ol' pal! ;)