Sunday, April 02, 2006

Spring is here!!!

Today's my Daddy's birthday. I know almost every child would gush and say that their Dad is the best in the world, but i really really am proud of my dad. Daddy loves us way more than we could even begin to learn to love him. He gives us anything we ask for, i don't remember my Dad ever saying No, but i feel and hope that that has made me wary about what i ask for! :-) At the back of my mind, i think my Dad must have tuang-ed the parenting classes where they taught Dads how to discipline their kids! hehe Daddy scolds us occasionally but only when Mummy feels we did something wrong. hehe
A little history----> JS Khong was born on the 2nd of April 1953 to my grandparents(hehe forgot their names). the 4th child of 7 and the third son. He went off to Setapak High School in KL as one of my grandfather's friends saw that my dad had potential and was excelling at school. There, my dad was the ultimate guy la i think. hehe he was good looking, very intelligent and he was an athlete too!(state level football, basketball, badmindton even foosball in college!). There are certain moments in my dad's life like when he scored a perfect score in his Aeronautical engineering class in uni, solving questions his seniors had problems with, his scholarship, being offered a place on the spot when he was invited to view the Masters program by a judge on the panel he had to face for his first class honours. that my dad had impressed. Then my dad joined the air force to fulfil the clause of his scholarship, and met my mom.. hehe then they had me!!! My dad doted on me, there are albums-load of pics of my dad and i. When he started getting busier at work, i remember waiting for him to return from work so we could all go for a bicycle ride in the park, then hanging on the grill waiting for my dad to return from an overseas trip, i also remember following my dad to work once when he had to go on a saturday (hehe daddy actually let me sit in the cockpit of an air force aircraft, then i remember seeing aeroplanes without their coats of paint the raw kind, then playing the fool with daddy's many chairs in his adjoining meeting room), i remember my dad getting mad when we joining this modelling competition back in standard four, hehe it was till district level i think. hehe one thing i really admire in my dad is his persistance, he has been driving for one hour each way everyday o Subang for the past 21 years! Daddy used to drive me to college too in the 4th semester of INTEC. But i think Daddy skipped the class on how to scare daughters' boyfriends away too. hehe As i see the weathered lines on my Daddy's face and think of everything he's been through for our sakes, i really hope he can retire comfortably as he deserves that much! and i really really hope i can make him proud. i love you Daddy!
okay. hehe recap of the week!
i. Spring is here. on my daily walk into Beaumont Hospital from the bus stop, i noticed that the sidewalks are actually infested with worms, flattened some half-alive wriggling worms!!!! hehe yuck they're really disgusting and scary... but the spring flowers are out... :-) the sun stays out longer there are so many reasons to smile these days... :-)

ii. i was reading SIdney Sheldon's "Nothing Lasts Forever" and it's been ages since i was that engrossed in a book! it's amazing. but a thought occurred to me. it's really difficult to apply PBL or self directed learning in uni esp if the student is an avid reader. in books everything we need to know abt the story is handed to us on a silver platter. if there's a detail essential to the ending of the story, it'll be there. any questions u have is answered (if not, the book would just be dismissed as not being good!) and the questions themselves are 'wormed' (hehe) into our line of thought! can they really blame students for being used to spoon feeding???

iii. i went to the library in Ilac Centre in Dublin One. wow... hehe i've been searching for Mills and Boon novels (hehe if u can call trashy stories like that 'novels'!) high and low in dublin, even resorting to ordering online (but the transaction never went through!) and there were MnB books in the library!! hehe two whole shelves too! hehe add that on to the nice nice Dublin weather, im motivated to join!

One week to go to our spring holidays!!!


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