Saturday, March 25, 2006

ghosts and such...

the past weeks have been hectic to say the least. i can't remember the last time i had to endure such a gruelling timetable, esp when there was no exam looming ahead. But medicine is fun. we learn so much, and i don't really feel tired even after my sixth hour of class, but the exhaustion of travelling and all really kicks in after i take my much-deserved warm shower. oh the feeling's amazing, after which i feel so clean that all i wanna do i crawl under my duvet and never come out!!! :-) the weather's been erratic and very cold, we whine daily about it, about it's March (and by right, from our Geography lessons, it should be spring by now, and well i've heard that spring isn't supposed to be as cold, and that snow was reserved for winter.. eheh but it isnt! hehehehe ). well, yesterday i was just sitting in the coffee dock, feeling quite out of place, very lost and pretty useless, then nabil and platini were talking to me and i just HAD to ask platini if singapore really was as haunted as i've read in Russell Lee's book. then he started telling me some stories he read, with nabil adding in sound effects. i think i'm pretty masochistic when it comes to horror, i know it freaks me out, yet if it presents itself in front of me, i wouldn't turn away. not that i'd go looking for trouble or anything, but there's a certain allure about the rush that accompanies adrenaline. then they mentioned horror movies, Dark Water being one of them. so anyways, that was that.. or so i thought.
i knocked off to sleep and was only 50% conscious till the time i gave in to sleep. (what i'm trying to say here is that i was dead tired... hehe). then i had the creepiest dream... i had a few of my friends over at my apartment(can't remember exactly who). but then suddenly this group of guys knocked on my apartment door and told me that this really young caucasian girl that looked like she was really really worried and had the world's problems burdening her. i knelt down and ask her if she was ok. then she told me that (all this is really vague) she just returned from a holiday (i think it was india or somewhere around there) where she met this one ghost by the name of Inderjit and he's been haunting her ever since. according to the darling girl, he needed me (he was quite specific about asking me) to retrieve this one vase (or some religious thing) and bring it to where he was for the repose of his soul and a few others and that if i didnt, HE'S START HAUNTING ME UNTIL AND UNLESS I DID! i don't remember what became of the girl after that, but i remember telling nal and she told me to dismiss it as nonsense, until i mentioned the name of the vase (it was in a different language) and she reluctantly recognised the significance of the vase. in my dream, for days i was worried about being haunted. i was afraid to be alone, and kept looking around, afraid of what my eyes might catch.
the sun rose very early, as it has been doing for days, around 6. so i was up very early. then this dream came back to me...
Moral of the nightmare: never never discuss horror stories, esp now that i'm not home
(and lateral moral: avoid nabil and platini!!!! ;-))

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